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The New Paradigm of Corporate Malfeasance: Selling Art on the High Seas, a Case Study: Seeing Beyond the Shadows on the Wall

From the Estate" Art Works: Imagine a World without Con Artists

Distance Learning on Foreign Soil.docx

going green.docx

Daab-Fine and Decorative Art Appraisal Scamming

Fine Art Authentication Management

Semiotics: Reading Signs/Symbols, and Icons in Fine Art

Identifying Non-Verbal Cues in Fine Art

Authenticating Art by the Numbers

Fine Art Connoisseurship and its Reckoning: Processes, Problems, and Appropriate Role for the Fine Art Connoisseur in the Authentication Process

Docent Series #2-Comparing Art Dieties

Nailing Down an Accurate Fine Art Appraisal Methods of Appraising Fine Art for Monetary Value

Fine Art Appraising #5

Fine Art Appraising #4: The Appraiser and Promoting the Public Trust The Unraveling of Rules and Ethics in USPAP A Composite Case Study

Fine Art Appraising #3: The Personal Property Appraiser's Book of Rules, USPAP

Fine Art Appraising #2: Appraisals and Authentication

Fine Art Appraising #1: Appraising for Fine Art Value ­ Process, Issues, and Problems

Art Forensics #9: Forensic Photography ­ Digitally Enhanced Imaging

Art Forensics #8: Forensic Science and Fine Art Media Testing

Forensic Science and Fine Art Authentication, 'La Bella Principessa'

Art Forensics #6: The Forensic Art Expert

Art Fraud Prosecution: All Bark and No Bite

Circumventing the Defamation and Disparagement Noose: Reputation Management, Series #3

Legalized Art Fraud and Droit Morale

Art Forensics #5: Forensics and the Fingerprints of the Artist

Art Forensics #4: Forensic Linguistics The Process of Forensic Linguistics

Art Forensics #3: Handwriting Analysis

Art Forensics #2 ‐ Forensic Science and Provenance Research: Questioned Documents

Fine Art Forensics #1

The Museum Docent Series #1

Docent Series: The Making of the Roman Drinking Cup #2

Frederic Remington and His Bronze Sculptures #3

Putting Lipstick on the Pig: Reputation Managment # 1

The Spinning of Expertise or Prettying up the Pig: Reputation Management, Series #2

The Business of Art:Art Dealers in the 21st Century- part 1

Part 2 the business of art

The Business of Art Part 3

The Auction House: Business of Art ­ Series #4

The Auction House ‐ Know Your Risk Factors: Business of Art ­ Series #5

Mechanisms of Amelioration in Molecular Ageing and Health Decline

Buying Art as Sea: Caveat Emptor


Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation

Posthumous Psychiatric Diagnosis of the Mental Issues of Artists:


An Analysis and Critique of, The Real CSI: A Tale of Junk Journalism

CASP 19​ ,Quality of Life in the Later Years: Factors Of Enablement and Factors Influencing Decomposition

Caregiver Syndrome: The Invisible Epidemic