This is the front entrance to Scansen173. There are five galleries inside with about 100 works.The work directly in front of the house is a reinforced concrete work called a "fish named Brooklyn", depicting the museum owners early life stages in Brooklyn NY. Scansen173, is a private modern open air art collection developed from the principles and philosophy of the modern garden of the Museum  of Modern Art and Storm King in New York. Scansen173 is  a member of the SMA (Small Museum Association) and the AAM ( American Alliance of Museums) . You are looking at some of the 118 + surreal/abstractsculptures, including 17 + installations and assemblagesfound on our 2 1/4 acre property located near Princeton, New Jersey. Over the next year we expect that the number will increase to 135. Our site, a former farm and preschool, has more than 500+ elderly trees, a pond with frogs and two turtles, a bridge,stone walking trails, vegetable and wildflower gardens, one hidden garden, an a zen garden and many areas to enjoy the outdoors under the canopy of our very old trees. Mother nature also supplies a myriad of creatures such as deer, butterflies, hummingbirds, and an occasional fox. The overarching principle of Scansen173 is to utilize materials found on the site as a school or farm. Note here that the works provided change through time always recognizing that art is a movable feast.

The three Daab atheletes

The three Daab athletes

Street view of building and reinforced work "Telomere"

 The photo below is the atelier used for storage and tools used to make and install works on the site.

Cow in the meadow. Originally the materials were made for a soccer net. To the right a concrete harp with seat.

Cow Feeding

New Hope Impressionists

A view from the wine tasting area


Lunch on the grounds.

Logo for Scansen173



More Hope Impressionists


Wellness trails

Museum Association Memberships

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There are many trails available on our 2 1/4 acres equal to about 2500 lineal feet. 3 walks equal about one mile. Such stone walkways were installed by hand. All walks are shrouded by trees with numerous benches to enjoy a sit down while a rainfall/rain forest ensues.  


"An experiment about nothing"


In the style of Max Ernst "Elephant Celebes 2"

Winter at Scansen.


Bridge and pond with wildflowers



Post "Colorist" with a Duchampian "sink in a tree"

Reinforced concrete table, fresh from the atelier

Early fall views




Christo Lounge


High Chair

Golden Tractor


Vegetable Garden